I was given the chance to review some awesome food from:

I was surprised to receive a huge box of their products!


This is the Second Generation, run by Paul Newman’s daughter, Nell Newman.

All of their products are made with certified organic ingredients!

I really like the idea of eating organic food, you just never know anymore, what is in the food we buy.

You can read about Organic Food on their site.  It explains it very well!  You can see all of their products and where to buy them.  They also have some great recipes!

The first thing we opened was the Sour Cherry Licorice. ( My son’s choice)

I’ve always liked licorice and this was very good.  It was just the right amount of “sour”.  I don’t like anything too sour, but it was just right.

Next, I got to pick what to open, and I picked the Double Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Chocolate is my all time favorite food! (Of sweets, that is)  I have to admit, being organic I didn’t know if I would love them or not.  But, honestly, I really did!  They are very “chocolatey” and just delicious!

Next, my husband got to pick.  He decided on the Mocha Milk Chocolate Bar.

And guess what?  Yes, very good!  I’m a big chocolate candy bar eater.  And I’m telling you these are really scrumptious!  I loved each and every kind!

Then I just had to taste the other candy bars!  There was a Peanut Butter Cup, Mint, and Caramel.  Since there’s three cups of each kind, we all got to taste each one.

They were all very good!  I was especially loving the caramels!

The Newman-O’s were on my radar for the next afternoon!  I couldn’t wait to try to the chocolate-filled ones.

I ate one with my cup of tea.  Melted it, just a little, and wow!  It was a fantastic, melted chocolate cookie!

This family highly recommends Newman’s Own Organic foods!  You can check out all their products on their website and even find some coupons there!

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I received items to review. All opinions are my own!


I am a SAHM. My youngest is 17 now. I have 5 kids in all. We've lived in Georgia now for 5 years. We moved here from Ohio for my husband's job. I love blogging and writing about my passions. I do reviews and giveaways and I try to get homeless animals new homes. My story is about loving addicts, recipes, and crafts.

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29 comments on “NEWMAN’S OWN ORGANIC – REVIEW & GIVEAWAY #newmans
  1. Meegs says:

    Awesome giveaway. I’d love to try the peppermint cups!

  2. Eileen says:

    I basically LOVE all of their products, but, Pops Corn and the Ginger O’s and the Orange Chocolate chip cookies and… OK, I LOVE the brand!

  3. Erin Slocum says:

    Love Newman’s Own Organics!

  4. Kandi says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Sandy J says:

    I would like to try any of the chocolate!

  6. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Everything looks so good 🙂

  7. Wow! So many delicious healthy treats to choose from! I am loving the thought of trying the dried fruit – especially apple. 🙂 Great review! Have a blessed night!

  8. Rochelle says:

    Yummy giveaway :). Love the Hint O Mint cookies. Thanks!

  9. Jennifer Hall says:

    The Orange Chocolate Chip cookies are sooo good.

  10. Kim Reid says:

    I would love to try the Dark Chocolate Bar!
    Thanks 🙂

  11. Cynthia says:

    What an awesome giveaway.

    Cynthia @ Richly Middle Class

  12. Amanda says:

    I didn’t know they had the peanut butter cups! yummy!!!

  13. Mocha Milk Chocolate, the coffee lovers dream! I have definitely got to try this. Everything sounds so good!

  14. Love this contest! Thanks for the cool review. I really would like to try the Newman’s brand.

  15. Rita Light says:

    I’d like to try the Caramel Cups. Thanks for the review.

  16. The Sour Cherry is my favorite!

  17. Romina says:

    Ooooh, the double chocolate chip cookie sounds awesome. That will have to be on my list of next to try from NOO.

  18. I would love to try the candy bars. Didn’t even know they had those. And the sour licorice sounds great.

  19. Patty A says:

    Everything looks so delicious! I would like to try all of the above.

  20. Heather says:

    I’d try it ALL

  21. Shawna says:

    Those caramel cups look delicious! I think I’d have to go with those, as I can’t resist chocolate and gooey caramel!

  22. Tara says:

    Those peanut butter cups look good!!! YUM!

  23. Karen Glatt says:

    I would love to try the Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  24. michelle oakley warner says:

    i would love to try the licorice that has palmagranite flavor

  25. Marti Parks says:

    I want to try the peanut butter Newman O’s.

  26. Rocio Skinner says:

    Family Recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies, yum!

  27. Kelley Johnsen says:

    Wow they have a ton of choices to pick form! Thank you for the review.

  28. Vera says:

    This is great! I love Newmans Own but add organics to the mix and I am sold! Thank you for having this giveaway! I would defiantly try the Peanut Butter Cups!

  29. amy linderman says:

    the peanut butter cups

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