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Cut Spending With DIY

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It should come as no real surprise that the nation faces serious economic challenges and uncertainties. The recently released June jobs report revealed that the U.S. economy added an underwhelming 80,000 jobs, according to the Department of Labor. This does not even keep pace with demographics and the unemployment rate remains at a staggeringly high 8.2 percent. However, the real unemployment rate is probably closer to 15 percent since the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate of 8.2 percent does not include people who have given up looking for work. These individuals are recognized as having exited the labor force. Millions of workers in the U.S. are underemployed as well, which means they hold positions below their qualifications and credentials.

During these challenging economic times, it is so important for individuals and families to save money. The unfortunate reality in today’s economy is that job losses are as common as a kid losing his or her baby teeth. By saving money, you can prepare yourself for a potential job loss or major surprise expenses, which are also a reality of life. You may need to purchase a new car or deal with an unexpected medical expense, for example, at any time.

So, how can you discover ways to save money? Did you know that you can utilize Pinterest to save money? Pinterest is the hottest social networking tool on the Internet today. Pinterest is a virtual photo-sharing community that allows its users to create their own digital pinboards that can be organized by various categories, which may include beauty, fitness and home decor, for example. Users can then “pin” relevant images to their boards or “re-pin” images from other users’ boards. The most popular content themes that can currently be observed on Pinterest include beauty, fashion, fitness, foods, arts and crafts, home decor and inspirational items.

Let’s take a look at three ways you can use Pinterest to save money. Read on, frugal saver…

Discover Inexpensive Do-It-Yourself Projects

I have discovered so many amazing do-it-yourself projects on Pinterest that have allowed me to cut spending on expensive products. I’ve been able to make my own homemade cleaning products that work amazing well thanks to ideas I found on Pinterest. By making your own homemade laundry detergent and bathtub cleaner, for example, you can really save a good deal of money. If you spend money on skincare products, you probably know how quickly the expenses can pile up. I’ve discovered so many homemade skincare ideas that can be made easily with just everyday foods.

Follow Fellow Frugal Savers

With Pinterest, you can connect with and follow the pinboards of fellow frugal savers. This is a surefire way to discover great money-saving ideas and strategies. I’ve been able to find great ways to save money on organic foods and for date nights, for example, thanks to other Pinterest users I follow. I’ve even seen other users pin images of major retailers that are offering incredible deals and discounts at the time.

Find Coupons on Pinterest

Pinterest is loaded with highly engaging and captivating multimedia content. Images that will interest frugal savers include coupons. Several coupons sources such as have established a presence on Pinterest. You can find printable coupons and coupon codes on Pinterest. All frugal savers know that coupons are an excellent way to save loads of money.

During these challenging economic times that we live, it really is important to get creative in order to save money. Pinterest is a fun social networking tool you can tap into for entertainment purposes and to discover amazing money-saving strategies.

Janet Ryans is a frugal saver, enthusiastic Pinterest user and web content coordinator for Janet has discovered so many amazing money-saving ideas since joining Pinterest a few months ago.


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    TYVM you’ve solved all my problems

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    I’d venture that this article has saved me more time than any other.

  4. Hil says:

    I love all the DIY things I find on Pinterest. It really is a great resource to save money!

    You should come link up at our Bloggers Spotlight party, we pin everything to our group board and have two separate link-ups, one for posts and one devoted to pins so you get even more exposure!

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