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It really gets the word out there!

I sure hope I get a few pets adopted with my posts! I’d be so happy!


Facebook, Animal rescue Site

If I could, I would get every homeless pet out there adopted to a good family.  Facebook helps pets get adopted because they have a lot of pages showing pets that need help.  Pet Flow,  humane societies, and The Animal Rescue Site, are just  a few.

When people see all those adorable pets, I’m hoping anyway, that some get adopted.  The Animal Rescue Site has a button you just have to click and it helps feed homeless pets.  You can do that once a day, every day.  They also sell a lot of awesome products for people and pets.  And then some of that profit goes to help pets even more.

Facebook helps out a lot of businesses, along with keeping us connected to friends and family.  I love seeing family photos on there.  I don’t live close to some of them and seeing those make me feel better.

I’ve found a lot of businesses on Facebook, such as,  local small clothing shops,  Giorgio’s Italian Restaurant and so many more. When we moved here, to Georgia, I didn’t know where to go for good food, etc., and Facebook really helped.

I also do a lot of writing about helping pets get adopted.  So I do searches on Facebook to find the pets that need homes.  I’ve found sites I can write about and show photos, helping pets in a lot of different ways.  People should never buy pets from a pet store.  Most of them come from puppy mills and aren’t healthy!

adopt a pet

Facebook helps me get the word out there about pets, because they have a billion users around the world!  They get word out about a lot of things.  In December, 2012, they had 618 million daily, active users.  That’s more than a billion monthly users.  One of their offices is right here in Atlanta.  They have offices all around the world.  With all these users, I’m sure some animals are finding homes.

So, if you’re looking for pets or any business, just check out and search Facebook.

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