17 Tips to Get More Followers On Pinterest


17 Tips To Get More Followers On Pinterest

Have you seen the boards that have thousands of followers?

Don’t you want that too?  Well, here are some helpful tips that will get you improvements and more followers.

No matter what you use Pinterest for, you want lots of  followers.

It can bring you traffic and expose your brand.  You’ll see improvements with these tips.


First of all, pin pictures from your own blog.  But also re-pin, from others!

Use close-ups as much as possible.  They’re much easier to see and just all-in-all better.

On every post you write, make sure there’s a good photo to pin.

Use photos that make you feel something, make you excited.   You know, those beautiful places you’ve always wanted to visit and bright, detailed images.

Joining Pinterest Parties can also get you more exposure. You pin theirs, and they pin yours.

Use one pin on different boards, for instance if you have a recipe, put it under desserts, or whatever it is, and also on the recipe board.

Make sure to use your best for the board covers.  I change mine out every  week, sometimes even more.  That way, people that come back, see new images.

Use keywords and hashtags in the descriptions. That way people searching, will find your pictures.

One thing I just started doing recently, is clicking on one of my followers, followers. (Hope that makes sense)

Then you look for pins to pin from others or boards to follow.  A lot of times, I just follow all their boards.  A lot of times, they follow back.

Have a community board.  Invite other people to pin on your board with a specific topic. That way, everyone gets more followers on Pinterest.  And join others.

It’s good to publish pins that are helpful to other people.  Tips of any sort, like recipes, crafts, blogging.

Make sure it’s written in the description that you have the “how-to” in your posts. Then they come to your blog!

I use PicMonkey.com and Canva.com to edit my photos. Canva even has pictures you can use, some are $1.00.  And some are free. PicMonkey is free editing or pay $4.99/month and get more options.

Have boards with huge archives!  Sometimes I get into a board and I’m there for an hour before I even know it! There’s so many great photos I just can’t stop.

Think of unique and intriguing subjects.  I found one the other day that has gone viral.  It’s “My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter”.  She has over 72,000 followers now! It really is neat!  And funny!

When you are creating boards, think about what your target audience would be interested in.

I hope this helps you get more followers on Pinterest!  If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!  And if you want to leave me your Pinterest name, I’ll follow you! We should all try to help each other and always follow back when someone follows you!

These tips should help you get more followers.


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5 comments on “17 Tips to Get More Followers On Pinterest
  1. Mylien says:

    Thanks! I never thought about rotating board covers.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Jody they are really good tips, I will read them over again. I am thinking of making the Blog Booster Party Board into a group board. It is getting some really good pins on it. I will let you know. I love Canva too.

  3. You have some great tips here and I will certainly use some of these. I am visiting from #Fridaysblogboosterparty

  4. Great tips! I really need to start using Pinterest more, lol.

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