“Paw”sitive Pet Pics – Adopt

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“Paw”sitive Pet Pics – Adopt

I love animals! Can you tell? They’re just so amazing and smart! When they’re taught tricks it’s just so adorable!

We have four dogs, one cat and one bird right now. Although one of our dogs is on a lot of meds right now and we don’t know how much longer she has. But we’re taking extra good care of her and loving her as much as possible! We adopted her almost 12 years ago from the Humane Society. Someone had left her and her brothers and sisters out in a field! One of the puppies took control and protected them. So noone could hardly get near him. It’s just so sad! How could anyone do such a thing? They should be punished!!

If you are ever looking for a pet, you should adopt! So many pets need homes!  These pets are up for adoption in GA right now!


You can start with Petfinder to find the right one for you!


adopt a pet

 Adopt London


adopt yale

 Adopt Yale


adopt babs

 Adopt Babs


adopt logan

 Adopt Logan


adopt bobby

 Adopt Bobby


adopt colton

 Adopt Colton


adopt enzo

 Adopt Enzo


adopt juniper

 Adopt Juniper


adopt kai

Adopt Kai


adopt ven

Adopt Ven


adopt reesey

Adopt Reesey


There are so many more! In every state, and every city there are pets that need to be saved and adopted! If you’re looking for one, please check at your Humane Society or a Pet Rescue first.  Did you know you can search the kind of dog you’re looking for under pet rescue, such as “Yorkie Pet Rescue” and your city?

Did you know that buying a pet at a pet store is the worst way to go?  They’re never healthy. Although, if you get one there, you will be saving him/her. We got a puppy at a pet store once and he almost died, but our vet saved him. They always have kennel cough! That is so contagious! Walking by a pet that has that, your pet will get it! My vet told me that, I had no idea!

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Thanks for stopping by! If you adopted your pet, let me know in the comments. Or if you’re going to and you need help finding a place close to you, I’d be glad to help! Just let me know in the comments or email me at Momndaughtersavings@hotmail.com

Have a great day!

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2 comments on ““Paw”sitive Pet Pics – Adopt
  1. We adopted our gerbil – and he’s completely blind, so he can be a bit challenging as he will bite if you surprise him! 🙂
    Rachel Cotterill recently posted..Raspberry Jam (with natural pectin)My Profile

    • Rachel, Thank you for looking at these pet pics! And I feel bad for your gerbil, poor little thing! I’m sure you give him a good home, though. Thanks so much for commenting!

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