How To Get A New Dog – 2 Videos!

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How To Get A New Dog

Please think “adoption”. That’s the best way to get yourself an awesome pet!

There’s so many pets that need good homes in shelters.

You’ll be saving two lives! One of the pets you adopt and the one you just made room for in the shelter!



Even if you’re looking for a certain breed, you can usually find one. This first place to check is the Humane Society in your area and also there’s all kinds of rescue groups. For instance, if you’re looking for a sheltie dog, do a search for “Sheltie Rescue”. Or whatever breed you want.

If it’s a dog you want, you can do some research on what the best breed would be for your family. Do your kids want one they can roughhouse with? Does dad want one to take hunting? Does mom want one to cuddle with?

When you get a dog he’s for the whole family, so everyone has to know what to do and not do with him. Roughhousing with some breeds can lead to aggression or injury. Some dogs just want to sit with their favorite human.

Make sure everyone knows what they want from a family dog, and choose accordingly. If one dog doesn’t do it for everyone, maybe you’ll want to get two dogs!

Do you have enough time to spend with a dog? All of them are pack animals and love to be with their humans as much as possible. That’s when they’ll be the best pet.

Some dogs are content to just sit with you, while others need to keep their mind and sometimes body, busy. If there’s noone home during the day at all, perhaps this isn’t the right time to get a new one.

You might want to consider how much money you’re prepared to spend on a new pet. Remember, they need routine visits to the vet for shots, flea prevention and any illnesses. And grooming is not cheap, I’ll tell ya.

So you might want to get a short-haired one, to cut down on that. And don’t forget dental care and nail clipping. If you do some research on breeds, you’ll find out what each one’s needs are.

This is a video about why you should adopt. WARNING: Some of this made me cry!

  All dogs shed, even the short-haired ones. I have one and she sheds pretty much all the time. It’s actually not very easy to see, so it’s not that easy to clean up. My longer haired dog sheds a few times a year and it’s very easy to see and clean up. Of course, in the summer we get them groomed.

When choosing a breed you’ll also need to consider how big your yard is and how active you are. Some dogs just need a lot of exercise! So you’ll have to walk them every day to keep them from getting restless in the house.

Also, take into consideration how old your children are. Some dogs get nervous around little children, with a lot of noise and quick moving actions. And some bigger dogs could knock down your little one, when playing.

If this is your first pet, some dogs are great for that. But some benefit from more experience. If it’s your first dog, you might be better off getting a small or medium sized dog that’s just a little older, not a puppy.

Petco has some great CareSheets you can look over. Also the American Kennel Club has some good info. The United Kennel Club is also a website to check into. You can download a CareSheet Here and find out a lot of info. It has tips for all kinds of things, bathing, moving, grooming, separation anxiety and a lot more.

Thanks to Petco for this information.

Here’s a Very Happy Video! 
If you’re looking for info on a certain breed or want to know where to find one you’re looking for, I would just love to help you! It would give me great pleasure to find a home for a pet!
Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you so much!

I have more posts in the menu at the top of the page, including Petfinder. All you have to do is type in what animal, the breed and your zipcode and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.



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  1. Kristin says:

    This is a great informative post! Being a huge animal lover myself I love that you brought adoption to the attention of your readers! So important!

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