Feedburner Email Not Getting Delivered

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Feedburner Email Not Getting Delivered.

I received this in my email from Stillblondeafteralltheseyears.com

feedburner problem

Wrong number subscribers shown & not receiving email with blogposts

 Yahoo and AOL have made a drastic change to their ability to receive certain emails, specifically feed emails.


Millions of mailing list deliveries are getting bounced and the subscribers have no idea! They’re not even given the opportunity to review it first.


Have you checked your Feedburner? Drop may be the DMARC Yahoo Issue

My numbers of emails to my subscribers had been cut by more than a half (4600 subscribers versus 1900 receiving) due to this DMARC Yahoo issue which started around April 7.

Here’s some in-depth articles you absolutely must read on the DMARC Yahoo, AOL Issue. I did not go into detail in this blog post, so read these articles :

From Yahoo:

From Googole Feedburner Forums: 

Observations on the DEMARC YAHOO issue:

If you are using feedburner and your “FROM” address associated with your Feedburner feed is a Yahoo email (theblonde@yahoo.com), ALL YOUR EMAILS are bouncing to anyone who has a yahoo address. (The same “bouncing” phenomena is true of AOL or any other ISP using DMARCS).  Let’s be CLEAR.  A TON of your emails are not getting through at all, they are being rejected.  They are not going to spam, they never even get through.

Feedburner DMARQ AOL Yahoo Emails

My “FROM” address on my feedburner was a gmail one and still I had this massive drop in received emails after April 7. Even when I changed my “From” address to myname@stillblondeafteralltheseyears.com, the issue continued (this is one of the two recommended courses to follow).


#1 Unless Yahoo reverses this setting, one recommended workaround (which did not work for me) is this:

a) The Blogger with the Feedburner account (NOT the subscribers – the Blogger), must log in to their Feedburner account.
b) Click on their feed
c) Click “Publicize” then “email subscriptions” then “Communication Preferences”
d) Change the “FROM” email address from using a Yahoo email to some other email – preferably one that is tied to the domain that the feed is for, such mailaddress@yourdomain.com (I was not using a yahoo account but a gmail account. I switched it to this format mailaddress@stillblondeafteralltheseyears.com where I had a email as well. This method has worked for some, it did not for me!)

#2 If after a few days #1 doesn’t work, switch your feed to a paid email service.

(Like Mad Mimi, Mail Chimp, Aweber)  This #2 fix seems to be working for most. I can tell you I didn’t want to have to pay but a majority of traffic comes from my email feed so here I go!

I will update if this approach fixed my situation. I signed up for Mad Mimi after much research into pricing and recommendations by some huge bloggers (Simply Stacie and Amy Lynn Andrews).

Shelley at Stillblondafteralltheseyears can answer any questions you have. I’m just trying to let everyone know about this.


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One comment on “Feedburner Email Not Getting Delivered
  1. kelly tupick says:

    Is this still happening because for me as a yahoo subsciber i get the feeds for a month or so and then they stop again. It is always off and on. It’s so annoying as i subscribe to so many bloggers. For example just this morning, i stopped getting all feedburner emails in my yahoo mail. Only the other ones am i getting.

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