Huge Love Your Cat Giveaway (OVER)

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Huge Love Your Cat Giveaway

It is estimated that over 96 million cats are owned in the US alone. Cats do make the best pets. They’re charming little critters that will steal your heart in no time.

These prizes will improve your cat’s life! He/she will love these prizes! And so will you! The sponsors are being so generous!

Welcome to the “Love Your Cat” Event featuring top rated products that will make your life easier and cause your cat to meow with delight.

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Spoil kitty while saving your furniture


The rugged Cat Scratcher Lounge by Pet Fusion makes for a striking addition to your home by adding a little modern flare.  Most importantly your cat will take to it in no time, making it easy to redirect sharp claws away from valuable furniture.  Far superior than other similar items and also far more affordable.  My cat loves this! A must-have for kitty.

Go to Cat Scratcher Lounge on Amazon

Hide the litter box

This exquisite piece of furniture keeps litter boxes hidden and offers kitty plenty of space and privacy.  The Litter Loo by New Age Pet, is Made of a moisture resistant, eco-friendly material that renders this easy care and highly practical.

Who doesn’t like adding a little greenery to a room. Thanks to the Hidden Litter Box by Good Pet Stuff we can now dress up a bland corner in a room while providing kitty with a nice roomy interior.  I own  and I love that it’s extremely easy to clean and due to its generous size I’m not dealing with a carpet full of cat litter from my aggressive cat’s urge to spew litter.

Go To Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box


Kitty A Go Go may of very well be the first stylish litter box.  The various styles add a little something to any decor.  Spacious enough for kitty, yet small enough to tuck away.  Think underneath a pedestal sink, under a desk or just keep it out in the open so that it can be admired by all.

Go To Kitty A Go-Go on Amazon

I couldn’t very well feature top litter boxes without offering the perfect cat litter to compliment those boxes now could I?  Simple Solution offers a litter that absorbs urine and removes odors for up to thirty days.  Well it’s been over thirty days and I’m still enjoying the ease of not having to change the litter as often.  I also love that its light weight.

Go to Simple Solution on Amazon


Keep cat’s food safe from unwelcome guest

The meticulously engineered Feed Safe is the perfect solution to keeping cat’s food safe from predators, such as the family dog.  Also a great way to keep cat’s eating area clean.

Go to Feed-Safe Feeding Station
All great products that will be appreciated by you and your cat for years to come.




Who wants to win these great products?
What you will receive:
Grande prize (Continental US only):  Good Stuff Hidden Litter Box, Litter Loo by New Age Pet, choice of Kitty A Go Go or Feed Safe, Pet Fusion Cat Lounger and a box of Simple Solution Cat Litter. Nine additional winner will receive a 15 lb box of Simple Solution Cat Litter.    If the Grand prize winner is from Canada they will receive the Pet Fusion Cat Lounger and a box of Simple Solution Cat litter, a second US winner will be drawn to receive all the all three litter boxes.  ..and of course nine additional winners(US/CAN) will receive a 15 lb box of Simple Solution Cat litter.
Use the easy entry form to enter this giveaway.  For your tweets to count they must be open to the public and not protected.  
Only one mandatory entry, the extras are there for those savvy folks that want to increase their odds.



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5 comments on “Huge Love Your Cat Giveaway (OVER)
  1. TrippyCusp93 says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! My husband & I have 2 playful, black cats and they would love these hidden litter boxes. I think they would love all of the items featured above actually lol

  2. Phoenix says:

    Great giveaway. I’m particularly interested in the Feed Safe.

  3. Phoenix says:

    Great giveaway! I”m particularly interested in the Feed Safe.

  4. Cynthia Colby says:

    This is a wonderful and amazing give-away! Thank-you so much for the opportunity to win such useful products!

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