Bloggers Opp – $500 Cash Giveaway

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Bloggers Opp – $500 Cash Giveaway

These bring in a LOT of traffic! Giveaway Promote sponsors these!

The sooner you sign up, the higher up you are on the Rafflecopter!


This giveaway will be held from October 1st – 14th.


You can sign-up until September 27th.


Our giveaways get results.


This is our final cash giveaway of the year!


We’d love for you to join us in this giveaway. You’ll increase your social media exposure and offer your readers the chance to win an amazing cash prize!


What’s the prize?


One PayPal cash prize of $500.


There will be fewer bloggers participating in this event, compared with previous cash events in 2014, since we are no longer able to include Facebook links. We will cover the difference to ensure that this giveaway has a $500 prize, no matter if the prize pool from participating bloggers gets to $500 or not.
[How does a blogger sponsored group giveaway event work?]
How much does it cost to participate?


$5 per link.


Choose from Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Instagram, Bloglovin’ or YouTube.


There are no Facebook follow links available.


The listing order will be determined by the order of sign-up.


Facebook page comment is $25.


One specific Facebook post on your fanpage will be linked from the Rafflecopter each week. Entrants will be instructed to leave a comment on that Facebook post to earn an extra entry into the giveaway.


Complete details about Facebook page comment entry


The Facebook page comment option will give you a total of two unique Facebook posts which will be linked on the Rafflecopter for extra entries, over the course of the two week giveaway. Once the first week of the giveaway is over, the original link will be removed (entries will remain recorded) and your new link will be put up for the second week.


The Facebook posts you are asking for comments on do not have to be about the giveaway, but they must all be family friendly. The pages and posts linked must be approved by Giveaway Promote before they will be added to the giveaway. You will receive additional details on this a few days before the giveaway starts. One Facebook page comment set per page, please.


There’s even possible cash prize for you!


The participating blogger* who refers the most other bloggers to join this event will win $25 cash. Tell your friends!


* To qualify for the referral prize, you must refer at least 3 other bloggers and also be participating (with payment received) in the giveaway.


Other important details


Posting the giveaway on your own site is required of all participants.
Giveaway copy and Rafflecopter script will be provided to you on September 29th.
We use Rafflecopter with the business upgrade. Viral refer-a-friend option will be enabled.
The mandatory entry will be to record the entrants email address. All other follow entries will be bonus (optional) entries.
Giveaway will run for two weeks and will be open Worldwide, to anyone with a PayPal account.
As a blogger participant, you will not be eligible to enter the live giveaway.
An announcement post is never required.


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One comment on “Bloggers Opp – $500 Cash Giveaway
  1. Sarah L says:

    Makes me wish I were a blogger… I’ll be on the lookout for it.

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