Does Your Dog Have The Right Bed?

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Does Your Dog Have The Right Bed?

See this list here, and find which kind is best for your dog!

It depends on your dog’s age and size and what they like!

This is The Cuddler bed I received for review from LucasForDogs. It’s the softest, fullest bed I’ve had for Holly. She really does love it. She never slept in the other ones I got her. But she does, in this one. It’s beautiful and very easy to clean. It has an orthopedic foam center for support. And she rests her head on the outer layer. It’s for dogs who need a soft, durable place to rest in crates, travelling, or just lounging around.

As you can see in the photo below, my other dog, Ringo (sheltie) is laying in our new bed too. He has a bigger one, but he seems to like this one really well, too. But he’s a bit big for it!


To wash this I just remove the orthopedic foam, keep the outer bolster zipped in, and wash the entire bed on cold. Then tumble dry on low for a few minutes and then I lay it flat to dry, for best results. I love that it washes so easy. I couldn’t keep the other ones clean this well. I love this part!

All of their beds have a water-resistant liner. Of course that’s great for puppies and some of our older ones too.

They also have some very nice harnesses. Which are much better than collars!



If you have a big dog (100 lbs. or more) or ones that suffer from hip and joint discomfort, the perfect one would be the Orthopedic Bed. It has a foam pillow inside. The Rectangle-Bed-lucadogs-reviewsoft egg-crate provides superior comfort. You just remove the cover and liner and wash it in your washer!

The best one for medium and larger dogs who love to snuggle in a soft pillow, is the Rectangle Pillow Bed. It has a channeled pillow for ultimate protection and support. You just take the cover strip off easily for quick washing.

The Lounge bed is a luxurious choice for dogs who like to lean on bolsters, and/or prop their heads up. To clean this one, just remove the inner pillows, wash bolster covers, pillow covers, and liners in cold water. It comes in many sizes, like they all do, so it’s great for all dogs who like these things.

The-Lucafordogs-nest-bedThe Nest Bed is a super plush choice for the pampered pooch! It’s ultra soft and has a deep inner pillow. It provides a safe, cozy place for dogs who like to nest and curl up. Also, comes apart to easily wash.

All of the Pillows and Lounge Beds are Filled with 100% recycled fiber. Since they’re water-resistant, you can use them outdoors or in. These are as easy to clean as our very own sheets!

Kimi Proffer founded Luca For Dogs in pursuit of designing a dog bed that not only complimented her homes style, but also had a unique distinction from any other pet bed in the industry. And they are all made in the U.S.!


Disclosure: I received this dog bed for a review. All opinions on my blog are my own. I’m honest and truthful when I do reviews. I would recommend these to every pet owner!



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4 comments on “Does Your Dog Have The Right Bed?
  1. Darlene W says:

    as with most our pets are family and they deserve a comfortable bed as well

  2. Kristin K says:

    This would surely be the best bed of choice for my pet! I love her like my own child, and would do anything to make her life as comfortable as possible.

  3. MaryJo Tsitouris says:

    Right now, our elderly dog sleeps on a bean bag that my son gave him, but he is forever trying to find a comfortable position. I think we will need to look into getting the Orthopedic bed for him. Thanks for the great review!

    • Mary Jo,
      You’re welcome! I love dogs! Well I love all animals. I have an older dog too. We had 3, but lost one of our fubabies a couple weeks ago. It was so so so sad. But yea I bet that bed would be good for your dog.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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