20 Proven Blogging Tips

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20 Proven Blogging Tips

These are things I’ve learned over the years

These tips have helped me get more traffic and my posts promoted


1. Blog about what you are passionate about and things that help others

2. Be yourself, don’t worry about what other’s think you should do

3. Redo what has been done and make it your own, never use other’s words

4. Join Facebook groups and meet other bloggers, ask for help when you need it

5. Don’t get too upset about the small stuff, but keep track of it, someday it may be important

6. Time management is key, prioritize, what needs done on your blog, first

7. Support other bloggers, they will support you

8. Always keep the door open on potential sponsors, if they don’t fit now, they might later

9. Pin your posts to Pinterest and Instagram

10. Join Linky Parties for Pinterest and others

11. Pitch to lots of companies for reviews and/or giveaways

12. Write replies to the comments you get on posts

13. LinkedIn is a great place to share posts and meet bloggers and business professionals

14. Use CTA’s (Call To Action), On FB, ask them to share or like and to RT (ReTweet) on Twitter and on your posts, ask them to share

15. Add good images to your posts, ones good for Pinterest

16. Always proofread your work, sometimes spell check doesn’t get it right – this is crucial, I see articles all the time that have errors and it’s so unprofessional

17. SEO (Search engine optimization) is very important. Use keywords in title, meta description and images. (Using the Yoast Plug-in) helps you with this

18. Have all your share buttons on all posts. I use the Shareaholic Plug-in

19. Pinterest Master Plug-in adds the follow me on pinterest button, pin it button, show pinterest profile and show pinterest board to your website making it easier for users and visitors to share “pin it” the page they are reading or follow your pinterest profile.

20. The CommentLuv plug-in helps get comments. That way they get to leave a link to one of their posts.

Have fun and get a good night’s sleep!

Ok I just thought of one more thing, make sure you have a good title and Alt text on your images. So many times, I go to pin one for someone else and it doesn’t even say what it is, let alone the post title. So then I have to either type it in or leave it. I usually type it in, but not always. Others really shouldn’t have to do that for the blogger we’re pinning for.

Thanks for stopping by! Have any tips for me? I’d love to hear them. And would you mind sharing?



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13 comments on “20 Proven Blogging Tips
  1. addiction says:

    For many years I have thought as you do. Our War on Drugs has been a total failure. We have been coerced by the US to follow their failed policy. But trying to convince people that all drugs,particularly marijuana, should be decriminalised is difficult. So many friends in my golf club to whom I have spoken of this come back with the comment that decriminalisation would only encourage more drug taking by young people and would cost the NHS too much. They do not realise that the cost to Police and Customs and to the general public through drug-related crime is enormous. And although the use of pot might increase – though it is easily obtained by anyone who wants it today – at least it’s quality could be better controlled. Keep up the good work

  2. Great set of tips. I think the hardest is to learn to be yourself. Not the self you think others want, not the self that you show to the public, but the real you. I am more myself on my blog than anywhere else. I can write what I want and believe without seeing the look on someone’s face, of disbelief or disinterest. LOL It does happen. Although it took a long time for me to get here I enjoy blogging so much more when I allow myself to be Me.
    Nikki Frank-Hamilton recently posted..#WAYWOW 25 Let’s Party!My Profile

  3. Courtney S. says:

    Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing. I’m trying to grow my sewing business and these tips are very helpful.

  4. Lindsay says:

    I am completely amazed what I’ve learned since January when I switched over from Blogger to a self-hosted domain and started taking things more seriously than I had previously.
    The community of people is astounding and couldn’t be more supportive. I only wish I had some of these resources and tools before, but I suppose “better later than never”, right?
    Lindsay recently posted..Blog Paws Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    • Lindsay,
      Yep that’s for sure! I hope these help you some! I’ll be checking out your Wordless Wed. I’m a member of Blog Paws too! I love pets so much! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. This is a great post with lots of great tips. I agree with all of them. SOme I’ve been working on others I still need to work on much more. Like Leanne above I jumped in without any know how.
    Mary-the boondocks blog recently posted..An Ancient Tray – Ένας Αρχαίος ΔίσκοςMy Profile

  6. Jessica says:

    These are great tips. I’m terrible about proof reading. I tend to read what I meant to say, not what I actually said, so I miss mistakes in my posts.
    Jessica recently posted..How Apple and Eve Made a Happy Little Cave KidMy Profile

  7. Lindsey says:

    Great tips! I need to start using commentluv, I don’t know why I’ve been putting it off!

  8. Great tips, I agree with all of them except the LnkedIn one. I know it works really well for some bloggers, but I absolutely hate it! It’s good if you can make it work for you though 🙂 #waywow
    Random Musings recently posted..8 Tips For Going Self HostedMy Profile

  9. there’s some excellent tips here – ones I’ve been learning as I go along (the joys of jumping into blogging without any fore-knowledge!) I’d add – try to have a “look” or others would say “brand” (but that’s a bit big for me) that makes your blog cohesive and clean. Great post 🙂 ~ Leanne
    Leanne@crestingthehill recently posted..memories of being a young mumMy Profile

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