Trend Over And Enjoy Burning Soy Wax Candles Giveaway, Promo and Mason Jars!

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Trend Over And Enjoy Burning Soy Wax Candles

They have Mason Jar Candles Now Too!



I received two wonderful candles from FamilyCandles

These soy wax ones are lasting a long time and smell awesome

I received two awesome smelling candles for review from Family Candles. The yellow one is Lemon Pound Cake and the greenish one is Passion Fruit Guava. I can’t say which one I like best because I love them both! The house smells wonderful when I burn either one.

The soy wax candles are much better than the paraffin ones. The soy wax ones burn much longer because of the natural soy bean.

There’s no Carbon build up, typical paraffin wax will leave behind carbon soot. Many may notice it as the black carbon around the jar as the candle burns further down. Since soy wax candles are from soy bean, the left behind carbon build up is not there. Soy candles will burn all natural and leave the jar clean.

The fragrance is stronger because Soy wax will carry its fragrance a lot better than paraffin wax. The strong hot-throw is very pleasing to know when purchasing a new candle!

So do your research if you want, and trend over to enjoying the new life of burning Soy Wax!

Family Candles is a home based business in Illinois, and it’s growing. They are in stores around the U.S. They provide 100% Premium Soy Wax candles.

These candles are handmade very nicely, 16 oz. candles poured into beautiful apothecary jars.

Family Candles says: Our candles are double wicked for a more even burn all around. Each candle is made with the love of my boys helping. The quality compares to those top notch brands that you would purchase online or in retail stores that are overly priced. We promise that our candles will stand up to the competition and fill your room and homes with the elegant aroma that you desire. Each candle will have a burn time of almost 80 hours along with the clean and even burn all around.

They also sell wax cubes for $5.00/pkg. and Wax Melt Burners. And wait until you see the upcoming products! You can go to and read all about this father’s business. And see all they have for sale!

I honestly think you’ll enjoy these candles better than the paraffin ones. I just love how they smell in my house.

Keep up with their updates on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  You can see the scents on these sites!


For the first 2 Buyers there is a promo code “free1” for 3.50 off their total order.



Now for the Giveaway, Just enter here:
Soy Wax Family Candles Giveaway




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One comment on “Trend Over And Enjoy Burning Soy Wax Candles Giveaway, Promo and Mason Jars!
  1. aaron reck says:

    Ingredients Premium Soy Wax 464 Golden Brand
    Volume 16 oz apothecary jars
    Produced in United States
    Dimensions 4″/4″
    Est Melt time 80 hours
    Transit time 2-3 Business days
    aroma of fresh apples along with a hint of spicy cinnamon…

    So it has good shipping time and the Apple Harvest would be one of my favorites because I love cinnamon.

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