Dogs Die In Cars! #NoHotPets – Infographic – Gif

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Dogs Die In Cars! #NoHotPets

Leaving The Window Down Does Not Work

Our Pets Miss Us When We Leave, But….



We Have To Do What’s Best For Them! Sometimes, the ones we love want to go with us when we leave the house. The only thing is, a lot of times it’s best for them to stay home. We cannot leave our pets in the car when it’s warm out! They can get sick and die in short periods of time! Read this infographic and you’ll know what to do!

We love our pets, so lets’ spread the word about this, so we can save more pets lives!

This infographic is perfect to share all over social media! That way people will remember why they must leave their loving pets at home!



Go to NoHotPets to take the Pledge!

Dogs Are Dying in Hot Cars - How to Save Them [Infographic]

Thank you for looking at this! I hope it gets shared just so many times! I love animals and it’s not fair for anyone to leave them in their car, and let them die!

Thank you for stopping by! Want to see some awesome videos and pics of pets? Check out the menu at the top of this page! My Instagram has a lot, too. That’s Momndaughtersavings

Have a wonderful day and a healthy summer!

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6 comments on “Dogs Die In Cars! #NoHotPets – Infographic – Gif
  1. Amber Ludwig says:

    Yes!!!! Just as much of an issue as leaving kiddos in cars too!! We need to remind ourselves how hot it gets in there!!

  2. Laura says:

    Such an important message! Where we live, it’s been 100+ degrees this summer. Thank you for sharing!

    • Laura,

      You are welcome! I hope everyone in the world keep this from happening! I just don’t get it! I would never, ever, ever leave my pet in a car!

  3. Amanda says:

    Yes yes yes! I live in a very hot area of the country (heat index has been 115+ everyday) and I hope to never see animals in the car. The thought just sickens me. I love my dogs like they’re my children. Thank you for helping to spread awareness!

  4. Lauryn R says:

    I can’t stand the news reports in the Summer. I just don’t understand why people think it’s okay to leave their pets in hot cars, it makes me so sad! Thank you so much for providing awareness, I will definitely share this!

  5. Michelle Intregila

    Thanks for giving this more awareness and I just love the charts!

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