Help Your Depression and Anxiety With Videos and Scents

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Help Your Depression and Anxiety With Videos and Scents

The videos are awesome

I have ALS, chronic disease, and these things help me



Floral scents have serious mood perks. A study found that not only does the smell of jasmine create a sense of alertness, it can also serve as a way to help with depressive thoughts. Researchers found that the stimulating effect of jasmine oil can aid in the relief of depression and can lead to an uplifted mood. Pretty powerful for a tiny flower.

The Dodo has amazing videos!  I feel depressed every single day and this helps me so much!  The babies, cats, dogs, birds and much more are so amazing!  Love seeing laughing babies with pets, don’t you?

Apples may help a migraine-
You know what they say, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” — and that may be more true when it comes to headaches. Research has suggested that the smell of the crisp fruit may actually help ease a migraine. One 2008 study showed that those who found the scent appealing had a noticeable reduction in headaches. Previous studies on a green apple’s odor have also found the scent may help control feelings of anxiety.

Peppermint Can Help –

Known for invigorating the mind, it’s even been used as an aid for students when taking tests. There is also a small bit of research to suggest that the menthol scent in peppermint even tricks the brain into thinking that it alleviates stuffy nasal passages — just the thing you need when you’re feeling a little under the weather.

Vanilla can elevate your mood-
Vanilla may often be used as a synonym for “bland,” but this scent is anything but when it comes to our happiness levels. In a study published in the Proceedings of ISOT/JASTS 2004, researchers found that taking a whiff of vanilla bean elevated participants’ feelings of joy and relaxation. The results were measured through mood mapping, which included emotions ranging from happiness and stimulation to apathy and irritation.

Fresh-cut grass can make you more joyful-
You may think mowing the lawn is an annoying, menial task, but the fresh scent the chore yields may be making you happier. Scent researchers found that a chemical released by a newly-mowed lawn can make people feel better.

Cinnamon can sharpen your mind-
It’s one of the coziest scents out there — but this sweet-smelling spice can also boost your brain power. Researchers from Wheeling Jesuit University studied participants and found that those who took a whiff of cinnamon improved in cognitive functions like visual-motor response, working memory and attention span.

Lavender can help you sleep-

As a go-to scent for relaxation, lavender can help calm the mind and body almost instantly. But perhaps its most useful benefit is its ability to help treat insomnia in students. In a study of 42 college women, research found that the fragrance effectively eased sleep problems and depression in the participants. Next time you’re having trouble getting your shuteye, try turning to the soothing scent for a little help.


Lavender field


I really hope this stuff helps you feel better, too! Cause it really does make me smile, which makes me feel better. Do you have any other suggestions?


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  1. Yay! You won the Inspire Me Monday Linky party and will be featured on my blog tomorrow.

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