My Son and His Beautiful Girls

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Hey Mom, really miss you, I was telling Heather how we watched the Festivus episode of Seinfeld at christmas time, its funny how a simple thing can mean so much.  Speaking of that the blankets and bottle opener with the engraving are priceless to me, when I am missing you or feeling bad I look at that stuff and it makes me feel close to you.  Im so sorry this happened to you its so not fair, you dont deserve this.  I talk to Heather about you a lot I was telling her a few minutes ago about how you always have my back and no matter what I do or did I always know that mom will be on my side.  I look back on times when we would watch tv shows or movies and that stuff means so much to me.  I remember when we went to see Independence day in the theater when I was 14 Im really glad we have those memories, I see your traits in me everyday, especially here lately with my interest in photography.  We share a love for dogs and animals in general I got that from you.  I also got my sweet tooth from you lol.  Im taking Chloe to school in the morning to give Heather a break from getting up early, she is a good kid I think she wants me to take her to the father daughter dance at school because her dads not really around.  I like my new position at work half of the day I work in repair fixing cars that have issues after they come off the line I have a lot to learn about it, the other half I work online but its inspection so I just check every car for certain things making sure people have done they’re process correctly, they expect near perfection on that job so I have to pay real close attention to everything.  Im trying to learn about photography and I want to learn about astrophotography which is connecting a telescope to a camera and imaging planets and galaxies and other deep space objects.  Its crazy how far away things in space are and how huge the universe is we’re so tiny in relation to the universe.  They say there are billions of stars just in our galaxy and there are billions of galaxies out there its really interesting to me.  Today was nice I mowed the yard and then we made the fire out back Im so glad its warming up.  I took mary jane to the park Saturday and photographed some birds with my new camera it was pretty cool.  I hope I can come see you soon love you.  Josh


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